So, yesterday I received the bracelet I ordered from Vivilli. And I have to say that it was outrageous. 

This is a closer view of the bracelet:

Last week, I got this lovely bracelet from Vivilli and I would like to apologize for the somewhat late review of it. 

Viviilli is a professional online shopping mall and it has a wide range of items from accessories to clothing. The shop has warehouses around the world including United States, Europe, Germany and France. It also provides free shipping to anywhere in the world!


The bracelet gives me a royal feeling because of it’s elegant look. I loved it’s extraordinary design and it’s really easy to wear that I am sure you’ll not lost it! (Since some bracelets easily slips out of your hand and I think they really measured it properly)



The product’s packaging is well sealed and secured. It even came with a box which will be useful for organization and proper storage. For the shipping, I expected it to come after 1 and a half month since it’s from China but it arrived on my country after 2 weeks! 

RATE: 5 

Combining those, with the fast shipping, good packaging and an exclusive design. I would like to give the product a 5 for the overall rate.

Do visit their site: for more like this product or others that might catch your eye!

Are you tired of bringing your perfume bottle every time? Do you want to smell good always without such hassle?

We have the same problem. But then, I found this perfume atomizer online. I introduce you Travalo Perfume Atomizers

As with travel, some countries have airport guidelines of amount of perfume. And some of us as a frequent traveler do have a problem with that. 

That’s the good thing about Travalo. You can use it anytime and anywhere. 

Not only that but:

* You can refill your perfume in seconds. (Comes with an indicator level, shatterproof, durable and recyclable)

* It comes in 10 different colors that can match your outfit!

Aircraft Approved Travel Essential

* Fit for the Gym

* No funnels and NO SPILLS!

* Comes in three different types: Classic, Pure and Rollerball

3 years of warranty! Free of charge and no return fees!

So, now that you know. The question in your mind is: How can I use this thing?

The product comes with a handy instruction inside the case so I didn’t have a problem with using it.

Here is a guide with pictures:

  1. First, remove your perfume’s nozzle:
  2. Place the end tip on the perfume nozzle:
  3. Fill in seconds!

In case you wanna buy it but it’s too costly for you, you don’t have to worry.

They run a ‘Daily Spray’ every day on our Facebook page which gives all who ‘like’ the page a chance to win a free Travalo - every day!!

Find their Facebook Page at:

And if you’re in the same location as me, that is UAE. You can buy it at Faces shops at our malls.

That’s all for Travalo! Feel free to check out their site at:

Trend Alert: Denim Look 

Case you haven’t noticed, the trend from 2010 called Double Denim is probably back right now.

You would see that these Hollywood stars had already firgured it out too and added denim jackets to their outfits!

Personally, I also adore those dresses with a denim style. Also, I would love those shirts! I will really want to go get those ones in the future.

Gasp. I really can’t fight the urge to buy these but I would be probably get more excited for the Winter Collection. Aren’t you?